Clock Advice

Setting Up

A Setting-up Service for your BilliB clock is not necessary as our clocks are constructed with the consumer in mind.

However your selected retailer would be able to give guidance should any problems arise using there service department and BilliB backup. A home delivery service is available in most areas at an additional cost. Details can be obtained from your retailer.

Working with the instructions provided with every clock:

  1. BilliB clocks are constructed with the consumer in mind giving ease and simplicity
  2. Remove the clock from the shipping carton after ensuring all the staples are safely removed to avoid scratching the clock
  3. Open the back or side panels of the clock to see the movement.
  4. Remove the cardboard and or chime rod protectors from around the chime rods; slide the cardboard band down and off the chime rods.
  5. Lift the chime hammer transit bars, (if applicable) which will release the chime hammers or cut the band enabling the hammers to move freely.
  6. Replace the back and or side panels.
  7. Move the clock to its final location, now hang the pendulum.
  8. Hang the weights, making sure the clock is square and level.
  9. Now give the pendulum a good swing, all BilliB clocks will go straight into balance* and start chiming.

*Automatic balance Feature is standard on most BilliB clocks

It’s not a difficult thing setting up a BilliB Grandfather Clock.
Watch our set up video.

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