Technical Features

Technical Features

Your BilliB Clock has been designed and built to give you many years of service. However, if a problem occurs, please follow through troubleshooting guide.

BilliB clocks have all or some of the following technical features:

  • 35 punched & enlarged oil cups = punching hardens the brass plate and increases oil capacity promoting longer movement life.
  • Four jewels, on some movements = Jewels require very little lubrication and will hold closer tolerances. (jewels are not used on large gears as they would crack under stress)
  • Nine bronze bushings on some movements = bronze is stronger & harder than common alloys apart from steel but exceeds steel in corrosion resistance and ease of lubrication. (source Funk & Wagnalls)
  • Six bronze bushings strategically placed result in the gears moving against highly polished pinion steel in a bronze bushing is known as the best combination for minimising movement wear. (source Funk & Wagnalls)
  • Pivot inserts made of ball bearing steel = minimal movement wear

These are some of the most common pendulum, leaders, spring combinations.

To hang the pendulum, locate the pendulum through the upper side or back access opening. While holding the pendulum guide with your left hand, slip the pendulum in through the front door with your right hand. Place the hook on the top of the pendulum, over the pin or through the slot on the pendulum guide, lower the pendulum until it is hanging CARE should be taken to ensure that the pendulum is secure before letting go. Avoid twisting the pendulum as this could break the suspension spring.

Superior Sound and Advantages

  • Redesigned governor fan = even speed
  • Increased cylinder drum diameter = better cadence
  • Larger heavier hammer heads = hits the rods with more force
  • Increased hammer lift = Easier to adjust chime/strike hammers for fine-tuning. NB: Chime & melody tones clocks cannot be compared to finely tuned musical instruments as sound reproduction will vary according to their surroundings.
Technical features

Servicability and Advantages

  • Marked alignment indicators on stop gears
  • Easy to move winding arbors
  • Re-usable washers / c-clips
  • Cable where fitted is tested to as high as 80 pounds =offering strength and longevity
  • Power maintaining feature on some movements =continues to keep correct time, when clock is being wound up
  • Electronic friction testing = less friction longer movement life


  • Full Pediment Return = even finish aesthetically pleasing
  • Thickness of clock backs = adds strength whilst helping to prevent timber movement in modern heated homes.
  • End frame thickness = (quality construction)
  • Dial surround frames = promotes sound quality whilst helping to prevent dust entering the movement
  • Quality Dial
  • Door thickness
  • Quality finish
  • Locks and Keys

For further technical features, see our individual product listings.

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