Your BilliB Clock has been designed and built to give you many years of service. However, if a problem occurs, please follow through troubleshooting guide.

NOTE: Wear gloves or use a soft cloth when dealing with polished parts as the Skin on your HANDS WILL MARK THE SURFACE OF POLISHED PARTS.

If your clock will not run:

  • Try gentle applying pressure to the top of the pendulum bob with your thumb and forefinger and very slowly move the pendulum all the way to one side and then the other whilst still applying downwards pressure,  then let the pendulum go,  it will settle to a smaller swing later.
  • Has all the protective packaging been removed from the movement area
  • Is the Clock wound up!
  • Try restarting your clock, being in balance is crucial to the running of a clock.
  • Are the weights hanging in the correct location? Some weight bases are marked L.R.C. for left / right / centre. Some weight shells have hooks and eyes a hook must marry an eye or vice versa.
  • Is the pendulum hitting the weights or chime rods? If so, check the level and stability of the clock.
  • Has the pulley come off the cable? (If applicable)
  • Check the hand clearance. Do not let the hour hand hit the second hand. If the second hand is rubbing the dial pull it out slightly. If the hour hand is rubbing against the back of the minute hand, the hour hand should be pushed closer to the dial (put your thumbnail on the centre portion of the hour hand and push).
  • Check the suspension spring. If damaged replace.
  • Ensure the pendulum guide is in the centre of the verge. See Figure 8. If the guide is rubbing the front or back of the verge, check to see if the case is level. Also make sure the suspension spring is hanging straight down. If the guide is still rubbing the front or back of the verge, bend the verge slightly to compensate.

These are some of the most common pendulum, leaders, spring combinations.

To hang the pendulum, locate the pendulum through the upper side or back access opening. While holding the pendulum guide with your left hand, slip the pendulum in through the front door with your right hand. Place the hook on the top of the pendulum, over the pin or through the slot on the pendulum guide, lower the pendulum until it is hanging CARE should be taken to ensure that the pendulum is secure before letting go. Avoid twisting the pendulum as this could break the suspension spring.

If your clock will not chime or strike:

  • Is the selection lever in the “silent” position or halfway between two chime positions? Note: outside weights will not drop when in the “silent” position
  • Check the hammer adjustment
  • If the clock has retaining bars make sure they all pulled back far enough, so the hammers are not being stopped as they draw back.
  • Also check item number 1,4 and 6 under the heading ” if your clock will not run”
  • Check to see if clock is in “Night off” mode possible 12 hour out

All pendulums hang in a similar manner. The pendulum hangs on a pendulum guide, which in- turn hangs on a suspension spring.

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