Clock Benefits

The Grandfather Clock Specialist

BilliB offer quality commercially saleable clocks at an affordable price. Most models can be ordered from your retailer for quick delivery.

Using only the finest materials, each BilliB timepiece is designed to bring years of enjoyment. The family owning a clock from BilliB affirms their preference for quality, design and enduring value. A once in a lifetime purchase, an emotional purchase, where quality and value are important for that discerning buyer.

All BilliB clocks are made using a combination of the finest selected traditional timber and modern materials.

Many clocks have focal areas where veneers are applied to the wood as an accent to reveal an unmatched depth of colour after hand finishing.

Clocks from BilliB are renowned for their quality construction.

Clock backs
Most BilliB clock case backs have been finished and polished it’s a small point but many manufacturers fail on this point. Feel the quality!

Most clocks have the added security of Locks and Keys, a safety feature when young children are present.

The finest mechanical clock movements in the world, made by the leading manufacturers in Germany.

Clocks delivered promptly from an extensive stock, via your chosen retailer an ideal solution when delivery is important at Christmas or when a gift is needed urgently for an anniversary, wedding or retirement.

With added benefit of Stock held by BilliB, your clock wil be delivered to your local stockist efficiently. Same day delivery can be arranged for that ‘special’ gift, subject to additional charge.

To aid setting up, all BilliB clocks have an automatic balance. One good swing of the pendulum and you’re away as your clock is “in beat”.

No setting up service is needed as BilliB clocks are constructed with the consumer in mind giving ease and simplicity using the instructions provided, making a purchase that you will cherish for many years to come.

Clock benefits

For that once in a lifetime purchase contact BilliB on 01202 293352