Mantel & Table Clocks

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Aquarius Mechanical Clock in Mahogany Finish

The Aquarius Mahogany Finish Mechanical wall clock has featured inlays and brass dial with Roman numerals. The hand blown glass dome houses a Key wound movement, with pendulum, and plays The Westminster Melody chime on a 5-rod gong. It has automatic beat adjustment manual chime silencer and will grace any home with its beautiful finish and visible workings. The clock is ideal for the budding astrologer to follow the movements of the moon and the earth in relation to the sun with the date and month and appropriate star sign!


Bradfield Westminster Chime Mantel Clock

Shown above in Walnut finish a faithful Napoleon Style Clock, German Brass 8-dayMechanical key wound movement with Westminster chimes and a simple clean white dial and case ornamentation.


Bradley Mantel Clock in Walnut Finish

Available in Walnut Finish (as shown) with White Dial or Yew Finish with Gold Dial. Polished 4/4 key wind movement with escapement (11 jewels), triple chime (Westminster, St. Michael & Whittington) on 8-rod gong, seconds indication & permanent night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM, front winding mechanical polished movement, viewable from all sides.


Bradley Mantel Clock in Yew Finish

Yew Finish with Gold Dial (pictured) or Walnut Finish with White Dial. Polished 4/4 key wind movement with escapement ( 11 jewels ), triple chime ( Westminster, St. Michael & Whittington ) on 8-rod gong, seconds indication & permanent night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM, front winding mechanical polished movement, viewable from all sides.


Callum Modern Cube with Swivel Base, Mantel Clock In Black Finish

Modern Design Skeleton Cube Mantel Clock in Black Piano Finish. Glass design led Side and Top Panels and Front Slide Up Door to Allow for Clock Winding . Chrome pendulum 8 day key Wound Mechanical Movement with a Passing Bell Strike every Hour


Celeste Mantel Clock – Black Piano Style Finish

A stylish clock with a mouth blown mineral glass dome. It is a reproduction of the ‘Heaven machine’ which was built in the 18th century by Philipp Matthaus Hahn. This intricate clock indicates the months over a year via a battery powered electric mechanism showing the time, month, date, moon phase and all the signs of the zodiac. The earth revolves around the sun and rotates daily to show the position of its axis. It is a stunning talking piece for most homes and a must for any budding astrologer to follow the earth on its journey.


Clair Mantel or Desk Clock in Polished Brass Finish

Key wound authentic mechanical eight-day movement with bell strike

A beautifully formed polish brass finish carriage style clock. Carriage clocks (also known as officers clocks) were developed in the 19th Century and used for travelling. Now they have become a popular gift or momento for a speciial occassion. Clair is a simple, clean design with a white dial and mineral glass panels.


Emily Glass Domed Mantel Clock in Walnut Finish

Emily is a pretty and elegant mantle clock with a hand blown mineral glass dome case to allow perfect 360 degree view of the mechanical skeleton movement. Emily has a gently swinging pendulum and reminds you of the time with a single ‘ting’ on the hour from the passing bell strike chime and incorporates an automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM, multi function brass dial with moon dial & date ring with radial controls.


Heirloom English Style Mahogany Mantel Clock

A mahogany finished case with traditional English styling makes this a perfect clock to enhance your mantelpiece. The hand finished case shows off the curl veneers and fine inlays to perfection and houses the quality German built 8 day mechanical movement. The movement can be viewed via mineral glass bevelled side panels, and the winding key can be kept safe in a drawer at the base. An automatic night shut off ensures that you won’t be disturbed by the Westminster chime during those twilight hours.


Lindsey Mantle Clock in Walnut Finish

Curved front Antique Walnut Finish Clock. Milled dial and second indicator. Key wound movement with Westminster chimes.


Linton Mantel Bracket Clock in Walnut Finish

Available in Walnut or Yew Finish. A traditional Mantel Clock in Yew FInish with shouldered arch and an eleborate burl veneer door, side glass, hinged back door and etched moon phase feature – completed with cast brass corner applications. Silver colour chapter ring with black Roman numerals and period style filigree hands. Fitted with an 8-day Westminster chime 4/4 movement and silencing lever for those quiet moments.