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Abbeydale Mechanical Wall Clock in Walnut Finish

Walnut finished case and burl relief. Key drawer, mechanical movement and lyre pendulum playing a reassuring Westminster chime and automatic beat adjustment chime silent facility and automation night time chime silencer


Alcova Mechanical Wall Clock

Beech finished mechanical wall clock fitted with the finest quality German mechanical movement and featuring a Westminster chime which strikes every quarter hour and plays the full melody and hour strike on each hour, 8 day movement and automatic night off lever.


Amber Jewelled Movement Clock in Mahogany Finish

An attractive unusual Long Case curio Corner Clock in Mahogany Finish. Eleven jewelled mechanical key wound movement which plays Westminster Chimes on polished bells. Raised Roman numerals on a Silver coloured chapter ring. Mirrored back with low voltage halogen light and adjustable glass shelves.


Antoinette Design Contemporary Wall Clock in Walnut Finish

A favourite of ours for many years, and our first with a curved glass door & barrel pendulum. This piece is in walnut finish with burl relief feature panel and two brass weights driving a passing bell movement giving a reassuring single chime on the hour every hour.


Aquarius Mechanical Clock in Mahogany Finish

The Aquarius Mahogany Finish Mechanical wall clock has featured inlays and brass dial with Roman numerals. The hand blown glass dome houses a Key wound movement, with pendulum, and plays The Westminster Melody chime on a 5-rod gong. It has automatic beat adjustment manual chime silencer and will grace any home with its beautiful finish and visible workings. The clock is ideal for the budding astrologer to follow the movements of the moon and the earth in relation to the sun with the date and month and appropriate star sign!


Arbour Premier Mechanical Wall Clock

Arbour Mechanical Chiming Wall Clock

Contemporary styled Light Oak effect finish with laquered silver colour top & base. Mineral Glass opening door. Chrome pendulum bob and key wound spring movement. Brush satin finished dial. Silver colour complimenting decals. Key drawer

H30 x W8 x D6inch

German Engineered Mechanical passing Bell Chime Movement



Axford Mechanical Wall Clock in Light Oak Finish

Light Oak Finish Mechanical Wall Clock with  Westminster Chimes. White dial, 4/4 key wind movement with pendulum and Westminster chime on 5-rod gong. Automatic beat adjustment and manual chime silencer.

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Axford Mechanical Wall Clock in Walnut Finish

Mechanical movement with Westminster Chimes on 5 gong rod housed behind a white dial. 4/4 key wound pendulum movement. Automatic beat adjustment. Manual Chime silencer.


Baronet Limited Edition Grandfather Clock

Book matched veneers added to solid wood surfaces. Hand polished. Bevelled glass. painted effect antiqued dial. Mechanical key wind movement with escapement (11 jewels), triple chime (Westminster, St. Michael & Whittington) on 9-bell chime, automatic beat adjustment and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM, multi function brass dial with moon dial & date ring.


Bradfield Westminster Chime Mantel Clock

Shown above in Walnut finish a faithful Napoleon Style Clock, German Brass 8-dayMechanical key wound movement with Westminster chimes and a simple clean white dial and case ornamentation.


Bradley Mantel Clock in Walnut Finish

Available in Walnut Finish (as shown) with White Dial or Yew Finish with Gold Dial. Polished 4/4 key wind movement with escapement (11 jewels), triple chime (Westminster, St. Michael & Whittington) on 8-rod gong, seconds indication & permanent night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.15 AM, front winding mechanical polished movement, viewable from all sides.